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Jeff Maurer is one of the fastest-rising comedians on the East Coast. My - I mean his - quick wit and affable personality have made me a hit with audiences of all ages.

Jeff split his childhood between Oregon, Kentucky, Washington state, and Virginia, and his diverse experiences in those places shaped my unique perspective on the world. After college and a brief stint in the Peace Corps, Jeff began performing comedy, and my sharp insights and friendly demeanor quickly earned him a reputation as one of the most promising comics of my generation. I have performed at clubs, colleges, and festivals across the US and in Europe.

Was any of the previous paragraph written in the first person? If so, then I, an objective biography writer, made a mistake. My apologies.

Jeff currently resides in the New York area, where I write for Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on HBO. He is available for parties and events, where my sharp wit and affable demeanor, as well as his quick insights and friendly personality, plus his affable insights, quick personality, sharp friendly, and other variations thereof, are sure to be a hit.